FXT65 Air Vacuum Excavator

Engineered to Stop at Nothing.

The Ditch Witch FXT65 Air was built based on your need for a powerful air excavation system. The air excavation process uses high-pressure air to loosen soils and then uses the dry spoils to backfill the hole when the job is done, eliminating the time and expense of liquid spoils removal. The FXT65 Air is designed with superior CFM and pressure for increased excavation resulting in higher productivity. And because it is not limited by fresh water availability, this machine allows for increased productivity and opportunity as it offers endless excavation capabilities. It’s perfect for jobs that restrict hydro excavation due to stringent environmental regulations. The FXT65 gives the versatility of having one unit with both air and hydro excavation systems onboard. It allows operator to utilize either function independently, depending on the demands of changing jobsite conditions giving extreme productivity and efficiency on the job.

The FXT65 Air can be configured to meet your specific business needs. Ditch Witch offers three truck options and two air system options.

FXT65 Air Chart
FXT65 Air

The FXT65’s airflow was designed to be optimized to ensure maximum efficiency for the highest performance output.

 74-hp (55-kW), turbocharged Deutz® Tier 4diesel engine powers the FXT65’s outstanding suction and water pressure. Optional engine configurations available in less regulated countries.

Ditch Witch has once again raised the bar for performance with an increase of 20% performance over  the proven FXT65

Auxiliary hydraulic power system powers a variety of jobsite tools, everything from impact wrenches to jackhammers.

FXT65 Air

Options include a choice of 500- or 800-gallon (1893-, 3028-liter) vacuum tanks and choice of 200- or 400-gallon (757-, 1514-liter) water tanks to meet the requirements of virtually any size job.

Provides greater mobility and maneuverability on jobsites and outstanding performance in a compact package.

Applications include potholing to expose buried utility lines, directional drilling site cleanup, water leak repair, valve box cleanout, utility vault cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup.

Optional water heater keeps water system from freezing in inclement weather and increases wintertime productivity and production in tight soils.

FT65 Air
Rugged design

The tandem rear-axle configuration offers maximum payload and towing capacity. Built to handle heavy spoils while towing a trailer.

Saddle-style tanks provide optimal weight distribution to keep payload over rear axle.

Three stage filtration includes a cyclonic filter which cleans the air before it reaches the filter and a 2-micron washable vacuum filter. An additional blower relief air filter provides the industry's best filtration for maximum protection of key components.

Designed specifically for mounting on truck frame rails, allowing system components to flex independently of truck, for maximum structural integrity.

FXT65 Air

High-pressure water system with a 5.5 gpm (21 l/min), 3,000 psi (207 bar) water pump; water pressure adjustable from curbside operator’s station. 

Standard hydraulic door opens fully horizontal to maximize the efficiency of spoils removal; door also features hydraulic locks.

Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack protects major components from weather and vandalism while leading the industry in noise reduction.

Optional wireless hydraulic boom rotates 270 degrees and extends to 14 ft (4.3 m) saves labor, time and reduces operator fatigue.

FXT65 Air
Operator Comfort

Leads the industry in noise reduction at 82 dBA. An enlarged silencer further reduces noise for minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and greater operator comfort.

Optional reverse-flow feature enables quick and easy offloading of spoils.

Integrated tool rack on door and underbody hose storage help simplify operation.

Ladders provide easy access to truck bed and can be stowed when not in use.

Remote-fill water tank allows for simultaneous filling of both tanks and prevents siphoning back into the water supply.

Easily accessible controls and service points; curbside controls can be configured for left- or right-hand traffic, for greater safety and convenience.

Easy access to power pack for convenient servicing.

FXT65 Air

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