Zahn® Trencher

It Won't Stop Working Until You Do.

Both two-wheel-drive Zahn trenchers are designed to install sprinkler systems and utilities and perform other trenching tasks in traditional fashion with non-traditional power, speed and efficiency. Equipped with a unique InterChange connection that accepts two types of highly productive trenchers, the 2WD R300 deliver superior trenching performance on even the tightest jobsites.

With either four-wheel-drive Zahn trencher you'll experience an unprecedented combination of power, versatility, speed and productivity. Utility contractor, pool builder, rental-yard owner, construction contractor, homebuilder and homeowner, farmer and rancher, landscape professional, and landscape amateur—the 4WD R300 trenchers are dedicated to you.

Ditch Witch Zahn Trencher
R300 Trencher

High-performance Kohler® engine (23 hp/17.1 kW or 30 hp/22.4 kW) enables truly dedicated performance from each front-end trencher.

R300 Trencher

Accepts two types of Zahn trenchers; each concentrates weight on the digging chain so it can penetrate the ground easier.

Optional hydraulic auger that runs independent of the headshaft (patent-pending feature) is standard equipment on 4WD trenchers and optional on 2WD models; this feature reduces the amount of carryover, increasing productivity.

Selectable ground-drive speed ranges enable the operator to choose the optimal speed for different applications.

Two-wheel-drive models accept chains up to 8 inches (203 mm) wide, while the 4WD model accepts up to a 12-inch (305-mm) chain, so you can dig trenches for virtually any application.

Optional Roto Witch® enables boring under sidewalks and other obstacles, reducing jobsite restoration.

Multiple tire options for multiple tasks: 18-inch (457-mm) air-filled tires 18-inch (457-mm) urethane-filled, flat-proof tires 20-inch (508-mm) urethane-filled, flat-proof tires provide heavy-duty performance, maximum stability and minimal tire deflection under load.

Hydraulic drive eliminates maintenance of chains, belts and linkages and allows the use of a reversible digging chain that dislodges rocks and other debris without manual assistance.

R300 Trencher
Ease of Use

Trench depth indicator (2WD models only) allows the operator to continually monitor the depth of the trench from the comfort of the operator's station, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

R300 Trencher
Superior Support

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