RT80 Ride-On Trencher

Mid-Size Machine. Heavy-Duty Work Ethic.

The next generation of the RT80 is here with a modular design that lets you switch from tracks to tires in the field, saving you time and money. Versatile and productive, this mid-size machine packs a heavy-duty punch; perfect for larger trenching jobs and vibratory plowing. Powered by a turbocharged Deutz®, Tier 4 diesel engine with 74.5 gross hp (62 kW), the RT80 not only gives you the performance you need but the reliability you demand. Plus, a narrower footprint gives you greater access to tight urban and residential areas, with increased rear-steer functionality and automatic centering for easier control. And like with all Ditch Witch® products, this trencher is engineered with toughest components on the market for longer product life.

RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
RT80 Ride-On Trencher
Power and Productivity

The RT80 ride-on trencher is powered by a 74.5-hp (62 kW) Deutz®, Tier-4 diesel engine for a broad range of applications. A Tier-4i engine is also available for less regulated countries.

The versatile and productive mid-size machine is ideal for heavy-duty trenching, vibratory plowing and microtrenching jobs in urban and residential areas where larger machines cannot fit. Backhoe and reel carrier attachments are also available.

The RT80 features superior axle capacity for a best-in-class static-load rating of 35,407 lbs (16,060 kg) and 39,000 lbs (17,690 kg) with the wide axle.

When equipped with a plow, the machine has a best-in-class 35,215 lbs (156,644 N) of breakout force for plowing applications.

Operating parameters are matched to each attachment, maximizing package performance in every configuration.

Speed settings are optimized for performance based on whether the unit has tracks or tires, providing operators with a machine configured for its specific application.

Ease of Use and Maneuver

An enhanced rear-steer indicator is integrated into the operator display for easy viewing of rear wheel positioning.

The RT80 is now equipped with push-button return to center, so operators can automatically return the rear axle to center. Additionally, an active management system maintains the rear axle’s center position. This eliminates the need for constant steering adjustments on tight turn radiuses and eases machine maneuverability.

A dial-control design gives operators precise control of ground drive and attachment speeds for increased productivity

A three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive system allows operators the ability to select the correct range, without stopping work, to help maximize performance.

An advanced cruise-control system senses engine load and automatically adjusts ground drive speed to changing soil conditions for superior traction and maneuverability on any terrain and in any weather condition.

Innovative, Rugged Design

With a narrower footprint than its predecessor at 81.5 inches, when equipped with tracks, the RT80 can be loaded on a standard drop-deck trailer and provides increased accessibility to residential and urban areas.

*A wide-axle option is available for users who prefer the wider stance.

A standard-duty narrow-axle option continues to be available for tractors equipped with rubber tires only.

The RT80's modular track-frame design is the simplest in the industry and improves machine versatility and utilization by allowing tracks and tires to be interchanged in the field.

An updated hood design helps pull away high air temperatures to keep the machine running cooler and improve operator comfort.

The backfill blade arm has a similar heavy-duty design to the RT125 and RT125 Quad tractors for added strength and durability.

The RT80 features an all new, heavy-duty track frame assembly – designed and built by the Ditch Witch organization – with each assembly weighing 1,500 lbs (680.4 kg), which helps provide a low center of gravity for increased stability, production and drawbar.

Operator's Station

A new, ergonomic, rotating high-back seat rotates 90 degrees with the operator for easier, more comfortable operation.

Improved design adds additional operator room for greater comfort.

The 4.3-inch color LCD engine display provides all engine information and diagnostics, increasing ease-of-operation.

A newly designed venturi hood reduces temperature levels near the operator’s station, improving overall comfort.

Superior Customer Support

Removeable side panels allow for easy access to all engine maintenance points, reducing service time.

As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the machine is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your local Ditch Witch dealer is your trusted partner on the job.

From the basics of HDD and vacs to the specifics of operating stand-on skid steers, trenchers and more, the Ditch Witch organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our Ditch Witch Certified Training programs.


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